Recommended reads for 2015

With 2015 just around the corner, here are some reads that will help make your next year special.

For those who want to get more done at work and avoid pointless meetings


For those who want to engage their creative side


For everyone


What’s your plan

Each one of us need a plan for the future. In fact, each one of us does have a plan. It’s either a well-considered drawn up plan of how to fund our retirement and care for ourselves and our loved ones if we get sick along the way, or it’s a plan that says in not so many words, ‘when I get to retirement I may or may not have enough money to do what I want, and if I get sick or injured along the way I may or may not be able to look after myself and my loved ones financially.

We all have a plan. What’s yours?

Superannuation & Insurance

Everyone living today that has a job, or has had a job, will almost certainly have a super fund. Some people have more than one fund, though often through no choice of their own – more often as a result of changing jobs, location or both.

Everyone that has a commitment to loved ones, or owes money to someone, has insurance. Consciously or unconsciously, a decision is always made by an individual or family, to self-insurance or pass that responsibility to someone else (in the form of an insurance policy).

Making decisions around super and insurance can be tough, and that’s why many friends and acquaintances ask me for assistance. It’s what I do and I’m very proud to say, I’m very good at it. Still, it’s hard not to be good at something when you love doing it so much. So to those friends and acquaintances who have placed their faith in me, I truly thank you.

If you haven’t yet asked me to help you and your family plan for the future then please do. I can tell you that no-one else will work as hard at getting the best outcome and solutions for you and your family.

Changes in our personal situation can make it easy to miss things. Like leaving a job and not reading that letter that arrives in the post offering a continuation option, or starting a new job and not electing to take up the default auto-acceptance (no medical underwriting required) insurance cover.

When changes happen in your life, please take five minutes to contact me and ask the simple question ‘what does this change mean for me?’ I’d be happy to help.

A Christmas Poem

Yesterday I took my 6 year old son Angus to St George’s Cathedral Christmas Service for Children, led by the amazing Theresa Harvey. On the back of the service sheet was the following poem. I hope you enjoy it…
When the world was dark and the city was quiet,
You came.
You crept in beside us.
And no-one knew.
Only the few who dared to believe that God might do something different.
Will you do the same this Christmas, Lord?
Will you come into the darkness of tonight’s world;
Not the friendly darkness as when sleep rescues us from tiredness,
but the fearful darkness, in which people have stopped believing
That war will end
Or that food will come
Or that Government will change
Or that the Church cares?
Will you come into that darkness and do something different
to save your people from death and dispair?
Will you come into the quietness of this city,
not the friendly quietness as when lovers hold hands, but the fearful silence
When the phone has not rung,
The friendly voice no longer speaks,
The doctor’s face says it all?
Will you come into the darkness, And do something different,
Not to distract, but to embrace your people?
And will you come into the dark corners and the quiet places or our lives?
We ask not because we are guilt-ridden or want to be,
But because the fullness our lives long for
Depends on us being as open and vulnerable to you
As you were to us, When you came,
Wearing no more than  nappies,
And trusting human hands
To hold their maker.
Will you come into our lives, if we open them to you
And do something different?
When the world was dark and the city was quiet
You came.
You crept in beside us.
Do the same this Christmas, Lord.
Do the same this Christmas.

The secret…

Listen, you have no way of controlling the markets! Fact: Markets will go up, down or sideways. That’s it! By how much and when, nobody knows.

If someone tells you they know when, run, don’t walk.

You do however, control your own financial security and your own financial future. The choice is whether you get in the drivers seat, and whether you choose to travel with someone who knows where the tricky corners are.

The choice is yours…

An interview with Paul Midler

Paul Midler is the genius behind the book Poorly Made in China. If you and your family buy products made in China, you need to read this book.

Far from being a scare campaign, Poorly Made in China demonstrates Midler’s experience over many years as the middle-man operating between the Chinese manufacture and the Western importer. What he witnessed was what he descibes as quality fade – the method whereby local manufacturers  agree to produce products at a price importers can’t refuse. Then, slowly but surely, they replace components rendering the products more and more inferior. The end result is a product line that can bring embarrassment for the omporter if made public. Worst still, it means that the high quality product you think that you are applying to your body, may contain harmful chemicals and residues.

Once again, if you buy products from China, take 20 minutes and watch this You Tube clip. Then, go out and buy the book. It’ll open your eyes…